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Stock Market Volatility:  How has the changing market impacted your customers' behavior?

February 6, 2018

The rapid decrease in the stock market this past week serves as a reminder of how quickly the trajectory can change.  During such periods of volatility, the pace and frequency of money movement also increases.  

IFM’s Intelligentsia™ service enables our clients to detect money movement in near real-time to identify opportunities to meet customer needs.   Insights related to investment activity and bank transfers can be provided daily, weekly, or monthly.  


  • Learn about newly established relationships with competing investment firms.

  • Prioritize customer outreach efforts using top competing firm detection and activity reporting.

  • Refine your pricing strategy by identifying the top financial institutions receiving your customers’ deposits.      

IFM can also develop and build custom insights and deliverables based on your institution’s specific needs.

When events spark volatility, IFM is there to provide strategic insights to help your institution in any market environment.

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