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Deposit Growth Challenges in the COVID-19 Virus Environment

The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus in the US has wreaked havoc on the nation’s economy. Financial Institutions have been particularly challenged as the rapid increase in unemployment has led to a decline in income deposits. However, it appears that the CARES Act relief payments for individuals and businesses have temporarily off-set the decline in […]

5 Ways to Increase Deposit Growth at a Regional Bank

How to Increase Deposit Growth at a Regional Bank Retaining and increasing deposits are among the primary goals at all banks. Achieving these goals has been made a bit more difficult given the increase in product options and different types of institutions that customers now have to choose from. While deposits, in general, have seen […]

Use Bank Customer Behavior Data To Determine When People Are Ready To Buy, Borrow, or Refinance

With the fluctuation in the finance industry, the lending environment is rapidly changing for banks, credit unions, and other lending institutions. Historically, banks have been relying on demographic data, including age, education level, gender, race, and geographic location to segment customers. However, the rising younger workforce has rapidly changed this traditional dataset used by banks, […]

Retail Banking Trends for 2020 and Beyond

The banking industry faces innovative retail banking trends in 2020 with powerful forces reshaping the sector and creating an imperative for change. Banks and other financial institutions must choose what course of action to take – to either lead the change, follow trends, or manage for the present. Whatever their strategy of choice is, it’s […]

Is AI the Secret Sauce for Financial Marketing Solutions?

Among the more recent technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI) could have the most significant impact on the financial services industry. First discovered about 70 years ago, AI has transformed many industries already. From supply chain to retail and travel to education, AI has completely changed how work is done in these industries. The technology is predicted […]

Cross Selling In Banking: 4 Steps To Predictive Analytics

According to the book, ‘Marketing Metrics’, it is easier to sell a product to an existing customer (a 60-70% conversion rate) than to sell a product to a new qualified prospect (a 5-20% conversion rate). With existing clients, businesses already know their clients’ pain points, and the clients may have already become loyal to the […]

Benefits of Big Data in Banking

The banking industry generates an enormous amount of data every day. Some of it comes from ATM logs, ACH transactions, SMS and online banking sessions, voice response systems, and more. Years ago, it wasn’t possible to collect, process, or store massive and complex data sets. Businesses had limited ways, if any, to leverage such data. […]

Using Big Data to Generate Mortgage Leads

Data trails have become an integral part of the modern consumer’s lifestyle. Every day, people leave traces of data on the internet, through bill payments, and even when making phone calls. 90% of the data present in the world today was produced in the last two years. For attentive lenders, these data trails can be […]

Banking Tech – What is the new role of technology in banking?

A new age of technology exists, and things are moving very fast. Because of this, the banking sector has begun to utilize more of the modern technological advancements. Many of these advancements are leading banks to use data and artificial intelligence (AI) for higher levels of personalization and consumer fulfillment. These trends are only going […]

Predictive Analytics in Financial Services and Banking

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