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Benefits of Big Data in Banking

The banking industry generates an enormous amount of data every day. Some of it comes from ATM logs, ACH transactions, SMS and online banking sessions, voice response systems, and more. Years ago, it wasn’t possible to collect, process, or store massive and complex data sets. Businesses had limited ways, if any, to leverage such data. […]

Using Big Data to Generate Mortgage Leads

Data trails have become an integral part of the modern consumer’s lifestyle. Every day, people leave traces of data on the internet, through bill payments, and even when making phone calls. 90% of the data present in the world today was produced in the last two years. For attentive lenders, these data trails can be […]

Banking Tech – What is the new role of technology in banking?

A new age of technology exists, and things are moving very fast. Because of this, the banking sector has begun to utilize more of the modern technological advancements. Many of these advancements are leading banks to use data and artificial intelligence (AI) for higher levels of personalization and consumer fulfillment. These trends are only going […]

Predictive Analytics in Financial Services and Banking

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The Metrics Behind Digital Marketing For Financial Services

The digital migration is swiftly revolutionizing the way customers buy products and services. Now that digital banking is used by approximately 51 percent of the world’s adult population, financial institutions should focus on creating a sustainable digital marketing program for a fully digital world. This starts by understanding the applicable digital marketing metrics. The following […]

Modern Ways Banks Attract Customers To New Financial Solutions

Preach the value of your product and the customer will come to you; this is the conventional mindset through which traditional marketers in the financial sector used to attract customers. Having a billboard to talk about how cheap a product is and commercial portraying an optimized customer journey would be enough, but times have changed. […]

How Can A Bank Use Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is slowly taking over daily business operations. Many different industries are using artificial intelligence to improve efficiency and enhance the customer experience. From automating repetitive tasks to analyzing large amounts of data in real time, the collection of technologies that comprise artificial intelligence hold much promise for the future. However, your bank may […]

Increase In ACH Transactions May Lead To New Analytical Opportunities For Banks

The ACH Network has seen significant increases in its utilization by both businesses and consumers. Learning how to harness this information real time will help your bank stay ahead of the competition. In 2018, the adoption of electronic payments reached new heights with an increase of over 1.5 billion additional payments registered with the NACHA […]