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Innovative Strategies in Financial Services Marketing

Table of Contents Introduction to Financial Services Marketing The Role of Behavioral and Transactional Analytics Case Studies: Success Stories in Financial Services Marketing Digital Experiences and Customer Loyalty Targeted Marketing Strategies: Reaching the Right Audience Building Trust through Effective Marketing Campaigns The Importance of Quality Data in Marketing Decisions Conclusion: Key Takeaways for Financial Marketing […]

How To Use Customer Behavior Analysis in Banking

The banking sector faces a myriad of challenges and opportunities in today’s digital age. Customers are more informed, demanding, and have more choices than ever before. In this competitive and complex environment, banks need to find innovative ways to stand out and meet customer expectations. Insight Financial Marketing (IFM), with its unparalleled expertise in transactional […]

Revive Your Customer Relationships

How many of your customers are flirting with competitors by moving their deposits or opening credit elsewhere? A recent headline from the popular financial services industry publication, The Financial Brand, “Memo to Bankers: Your Customers Are Cheating on You”, insightfully states “Even though your customers haven’t closed their account, they might be well beyond flirting […]

Walmart Bank: Checking Accounts At Walmart?

The Walmart Bank As if technology giants like Apple and Google weren’t enough competition for the nearly five thousand banks and thousands of credit unions in the United States, Walmart plans to launch a “checking account” of its own. There has been much speculation over the years regarding Walmart entering the financial services industry and […]

What Does Personalization In Financial Services Mean?

Recent studies showed that 52% of consumers expect their offers to be personalized, and 62% want firms to anticipate their needs. This is excellent news for financial institutions who are looking to leverage innovative approaches to understanding their clients better while deepening their engagement. Now is the time for your FI to gain a competitive […]

Alternative Data is on the “Rise™”

Credit Bureaus have been a bedrock of the financial services industry for decades.  Their insights on a consumer’s creditworthiness and willingness to repay a loan have proved their value a hundred-fold over the past 50 years. However, their ability to measure the creditworthiness of all persons is limited due to various reasons from the lack […]

Insight Financial Marketing Celebrates 20th Year Anniversary

20 years of innovation, development, and trustworthy business practices mark the milestone. IFM’s services provide financial institutions with large-scale transactional analysis and consulting identifying opportunities to help strengthen and grow their client relationships. Founded on July 16, 2002, IFM began analyzing Automated Clearing House transactions for marketing purposes and fraud detection, considered a unique capability […]

New Competition For Traditional Banks Serving Small Business

As the U.S. economy slowly emerges from the impacts of COVID-19, many individuals are re-opening their small businesses, others have left corporate jobs to start businesses, and many recently retired baby boomers started micro-businesses as a way to help supplement retirement income. For traditional financial institutions, there are many opportunities to become the primary bank […]

Personalized Marketing to Bank Customers

Right now, the transactional profile of a consumer checking customer at financial institutions across the US is likely to include a P2P account with either PayPal or CashApp and a newly established Coinbase account as customers’ education and investment in cryptocurrency continues to grow.  They are making regular monthly payments to a SoFi student loan, […]


[Webinar] Outlook for the Future – Bank Strategy During COVID and Beyond

  In 2020, At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Insight Financial Marketing held a webinar titled, Outlook for the Future: Bank Strategy During COVID-19 and Beyond. From our discussion, it was clear how big of a role technology played in economic recovery.  We also saw banks receive increased deposit balances, as CARES Act-related assistance […]