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New Competition For Traditional Banks Serving Small Business

As the U.S. economy slowly emerges from the impacts of COVID-19, many individuals are re-opening their small businesses, others have left corporate jobs to start businesses, and many recently retired baby boomers started micro-businesses as a way to help supplement retirement income. For traditional financial institutions, there are many opportunities to become the primary bank […]

Personalized Marketing to Bank Customers

Right now, the transactional profile of a consumer checking customer at financial institutions across the US is likely to include a P2P account with either PayPal or CashApp and a newly established Coinbase account as customers’ education and investment in cryptocurrency continues to grow.  They are making regular monthly payments to a SoFi student loan, […]


[Webinar] Outlook for the Future – Bank Strategy During COVID and Beyond

  In 2020, At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Insight Financial Marketing held a webinar titled, Outlook for the Future: Bank Strategy During COVID-19 and Beyond. From our discussion, it was clear how big of a role technology played in economic recovery.  We also saw banks receive increased deposit balances, as CARES Act-related assistance […]


Financial Institutions Move to Digital – What’s Next?

Financial Institutions & Digital Capabilities Financial Institutions have moved swiftly to enable more digital functionality. This effort has taken on many different paths. For some, the move has been to offer a combination of the following: BaaS, Open Banking, digital loan applications, a stand-alone digital bank, faster payments, access to cryptocurrencies, P2P functionality, electronic signatures, […]


Using Customer Intelligence to Compete More Effectively in the Future of Financial Services

Like other industries in this new millennium, the financial services industry has been rapidly transformed by new technology.  With the rise of digital money, real-time money movement, and increased competition within the industry, this change is growing at an even faster pace.  But let’s face it, this industry has been one of the slowest to […]


Help Your Customers Build Generational Wealth

Help Your Customers Build Generational Wealth and Grow Opportunities for the Future Interest rates continue to remain at record lows, and the recent employment numbers are showing improvement as we continue to recover from the COVID crisis.  Now that the economy is recovering, there are opportunities for financial institutions to help their customers get back […]


ACH Transaction Volume Growth Indicates Rapid Shift to Digital Money Movement

  ACH Volume Soars At Record Pace Wow!! Have you seen the new information that the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) has posted about ACH transaction volume during the second quarter of 2021?  Volume soared at a record pace. According to the post, the quarterly volume of 7.3 billion was an increase of 9.9% […]

The Financial Services Industry of the Future

The past year has brought many changes to the Financial Services Industry and so far in 2021 the indications are there is more to come. Mergers and acquisitions within the top 50 largest banks in the U.S. are reshaping the landscape, changes at the periphery of the industry are also having an impact.  Several of […]

The Rise of Digital Solutions in the Banking Industry

The Rise of Digital Solutions in the Banking Industry: Is Your Bank Positioned Well in Our New World? In a world dominated by the global pandemic, consumers and businesses have turned to contactless solutions and have minimized the need to conduct business in person, even as we slowly return to “normal”. These solutions have given […]

How Personalized Marketing is Disrupting the Banking Industry

As Digital Banking takes off, Personalized Marketing will become more important for the Banking Industry A recent Bain & Company article mentions that financial institutions should be concerned that “many consumers look outside their primary bank for high-margin products”.   However, the article also contains recent survey results that note “most customers who received direct offers […]